Many multi-family properties in Central Texas have low-slope or “flat roofs”. Because of the variety of products and systems out there, these can be a source of confusion and concern for property owners. BUR (tar and gravel), EPDM, Modified Bitumen, PVC or TPO. There are many different products out there. How do you know what’s right for your property?

One of the key terms to keep in mind when looking at replacement of these types of roofs is system. Just because you have received two or three proposals to replace a roof with TPO, don’t assume that all three contractors are proposing to do the same work with the same materials. There are multiple products that can be used for a cover board or roof insulation. Many different products and methods for flashing and securing the roof perimeter as well as flashing the many penetrations in the roof.

At Falcon, we will take the time to explain to you the system and methods we are recommending and why. Keep in mind, the lowest price may not always be the cheapest in the long run.