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Spring Break 2019 - Dominican Republic

During Spring Break 2019 we went to the Dominican Republic along with IBTX to join Casa’s Por Cristo to build a home for a family. The house they were living in was essentially a shack, the baby slept in a hole in the ground. We built the home in a week, we were even able to furnish the entire home with the funds we raised, including getting the baby his very first bed. The father works for less than $40 a month and the mother is pregnant with a baby girl and due in July 2019. We went to the Dominican to help a family in need, but the experience helped us. It gave us perspective, appreciation for simple luxuries like hot water and air conditioning, it showed us how even a life lived simply can be fulfilling and that maybe we do not need so much stuff. The trip brought us so much joy that we have signed up for another trip in March of 2020 but this time going to Nicaragua.