Choosing the best type of roofing to fit the structure of your property and your budget is an important factor in keeping your property properly protected.
We Cover All Types of Roofing Systems: build up, modified bitumen, Energy Efficient Single-Ply, Tile & Clay, Roof Panels, composition, architectural & laminate asphalt roof shingles.

All Types of Roofing Systems

Roof Recovery & Coatings

Your roof is essential for the protection of your investment, our experienced roofing technicians will make an accurate assessment of what the roof needs and we will suggest sound recommendations to save you time, energy and money.
Utilizing our vast experience, professional skills, meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of proper safety precautions.

Our trustworthy and honest team means you can count on getting an accurate assessment, we’ll advise you on whether you need repairs to certain aspects of your roof, a fresh application of roof coating (which plays a major role in roof recovery, waterproofing, insulation, and leak prevention), or a full replacement. We want to be your trusted partner and make you a lifelong client.

We will provide a comprehensive proposal with various options customized to meet your needs as well as your budget.

Commercial & Multi-Family

At Falcon’s Roofing division, we Specialize in Roofing Services for Multi-Family buildings. We provide a wide variety of Services such as New Construction Projects, Maintenance Work and Complete Roof Replacements. Falcon routinely works with apartment managers, homeowners associations, property management companies, Property Investors and others to handle all their Roofing needs including Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Multi-Family Structures, Hospitality and all other commercial buildings. When you reach out to Falcon we will begin by providing you with a detailed estimate. Our years of experience means when we arrive and get started on your project, we can do it with a minimal amount of disruption to your residents.
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You can choose from built-up roofing (coated with fiberglass or asphalt sheets), or modified bitumen, which can withstand scorching heat, heavy rain, and icy weather.

For those concerned with energy conservation, we have an energy-efficient single-ply option for flat roofs. The costly work of your HVAC system won’t go to waste with the application of a single membrane to stop leaks.

Clay tile roofing is another consideration to choose from. This system not only ensures a water-tight barrier come rainy season but is an efficient insulator keeping the heat in during the cold season and cooling it during summertime. (Statistics on how much money it could save)

More durable than their three-tab counterparts, architectural and laminate asphalt roof shingles with a 20-40 year lifespan are also a viable option you can choose. Keep yourself well covered. Call us for a free estimate.